Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Suiting Separates

* Blazer - The Limited/Thrifted * Ruffle Top - Forever 21 * Ankle Trousers - The Limited *

* Sigh * I am loving and hating these pants.  I absolutely love the color and the fit but I hate how they photographed.  I don't really care for how shiny they look.  However if I did not post these pics a certain someone, my photo guy, would have had a fit! I know he is reading this now saying all kind of stuff about me calling him out, lol.  

So let me know what you think, I welcome constructive criticism.  I know for sure I needed a belt (I forgot to bring) and a sexier shoe.  What do you guys think?  Should I toss these pants or give them another go styled differently?


Monday, January 28, 2013

Wish List


 * Blouse - Forever 21 * Skirt - The Limited * Necklace - Forever 21 * 
* Bracelets - Gifted * Pumps - Chinese Laundry *

It's Monday...woo-hoo! Okay I am not really that excited, but I am blessed to see another Monday.  I did have the opportunity to catch up on my outfit pictures Saturday afternoon.  However I was out of commission on Sunday, thanks to something I ate on Saturday.  I spent the entire day couch surfing while switching between Law and Order: SVU and Twilight.

Lately my outfits have been coming together effortlessly, those days make me happy.   Other times I just stand in my closet and look around as if I don't have anything at all to wear.  Those are the times when I buy new clothes knowing full well I have plenty I can already choose from.   As I stated before I have been keeping a wish list of items I want to purchase.  So far I have done well sticking to it.  I can mark off the following items:

Cute flats (I still need a few more pairs)
Slim fit dress pants (I still need a red pair and maybe a green pair)

Keeping a list has worked so far, one month down, eleven to go.  Are you guys sticking to your style resolution or have you given up already?

Friday, January 25, 2013

Royal Rival


* Peplum - Forever 21 * Ankle Trousers - Zara * Pumps - Jessica Simpson *
Soooooooo it may have been a short week (for most people) but let me tell you I am tired like I worked every day this week!  I am so happy the weekend is upon us.  I plan to indulge in some delicious grilled mahi mahi tonight and do some much needed thrifting on Saturday.  I am happy dancing in my chair as I type this, lol.  

You guys already know how I feel about black and white, ok good.  When I decided to wear this outfit I know I would need to add a pop of color.  My new peplum from Forever 21 is perfection, and of course white is eye catching especially in the winter (ok it's not really winter here).  Of course adding a bright bold shoe only seemed right.  I try not to make a habit of wearing bold colored shoes to work but I think the black and white kinda sort of down played the color a little...okay, not really but that sounded good.  

My peplum top and ankle trousers are the perfect classic pieces, rivaling against the bold color of my shoes.  A mix of old and new, hence the name royal rival.  

I hope you guys have a wonderful and bless weekend!  

P.S. Anyone else having Scandal withdrawals?

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Black + White +Yellow

* Blazer - H&M * Striped Shirt - F21 * Skirt - Target * Sandals - Betsy Johnson *

I hope you guys had a wonderful long weekend.  I am feeling 100% better, thank you so much for all your well wishes and kind words.  I am so behind on posting and need to do some major catching up.  I hope everyone is staying well this flu going around is no joke.  

Today's outfit is a remix of pieces you guys have already seen.  My skirt is probably four years old!  I need to replace it with a better updated version but I probably won't. lol.  Speaking of remixing, did you see how Mrs. Obama remixed her outfits during the Inauguration festivities?  She seriously can do no wrong, when it comes to dressing.  I love everything about her style and the way that she carries herself.  I am so happy we get to spend another four years with the Obama's. 

P.S. I did a guest post for Eboni over at the Fashionista Next Door make sure you guys stop by and check it out! 

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Bloggers Like Me Brunch NC (Recap)

Hey Guys! Sooooo I am sick and not really in the mood to do anything but blow my nose and play Ruzzle.  Have no fear! I have lots of back up posts ready to go while I get past my sinus and allergy issues.  
While I was on my Christmas vacation I had the wonderful opportunity to meet up with several ladies from the BLM (Bloggers Like Me) Facebook group, remember I told you guys about them here.   The brunch was hosted by the beautiful and talented Ashley, who is also the creative mind behind the beauty and fashion blog FabEllis.  I meet the ladies at a local Raleigh restaurant called Relish Cafe and Bar.

After exchanging gifts the ladies and I dined on some fabulous southern food which I thoroughly enjoyed!  I had a black eye pea burger, yep a black eye pea burger and it was soooooo good.  Along with my homemade sweet potato fries sprinkled with brown sugar and mason jar banana pudding, I was in foodie heaven. 
Ashley, Marche' and I
Marquita, Demetrice, Kandi, and Carmesha
Of course we talked about everything pertaining to blogging and more.  It was great coming together with these ladies, hopefully I will have the opportunity to meet up with them on my next NC visit.

Be sure to check these ladies blogs! 

P.S. Kandi told me her mom and her co-workers read my blog, Hi Kandi's mom!!!!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Inspiration Recreation: Vol II

Happy Friday Folks!  We made it through another week in tact and ready for what ever the weekend brings.  I personally will be doing some shopping, but I am only sticking to my wish list which I should probably share with you guys so you can keep me honest.  Ok enough of my shopping issues, it's time for another inspiration recreation outfit.

I found this picture on Pinterest this past Sunday and immediately pinned it to my style board so I could recreate it at a later date.  Later just happened to be Monday morning.  As I was getting ready for the week I realized I already owned three similar pieces.  I actually had to grab the tank top out of my Goodwill donation bag, looks like its a keeper for the rest of the year.

Wearing a blazer and pencil skirt does get boring after awhile.  I was more then happy to wear something colorful and vibrant to work Monday morning.  When I look good I feel good and this was a great way to start my week.  This also was a really great way to remix both this blazer and skirt, you can see how they were previously worn here and here.   

 Blazer - H&M | Tank - Target | Skirt - Macys | Pumps - Jessica Simpson 

This outfit came together very nicely, now if I could do this for the rest of the year the money I save from shopping could be spent on more trips!  Then again not really because I like to wear all new clothes when I am on vacation, lol. Sigh, the cycle never ends.  

Have a great weekend guys!  

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Local Love: The Weave Experience

The Weave Experience ~ You will be amazed what $50 can do! 

And amazed I was, I had the opportunity to visit The Weave Experience (WEX) prior to the Christmas holiday.  Located in Miami Gardens, The Weave Experience is open 7 days a week to fulfill all of your hair enhancement desires.  Unlike other salons The Weave Experience has a walk-in only policy and guarantees a wait time of 15 minutes or less and a completed style within 3 hours.  

Upon arrival LaJoyce the salon manager greets customers and begins the check in process using state of the art salon management and POS (Point of Sale) software.  A customer profile is created on the first visit and saved for future visits.  Once a customer selects their services they are asked to review and verbally agree to WEX's customer service policy.  While the customer service policy is lengthy it is to the customers benefit, The Weave Experience wants to ensure your visit is a great one and every customer leaves WEX satisfied.  Any issues that may arise will be handled immediately.

Customers have the option of bring their own hair or purchasing hair on site.  The Weave Experience does have the hair on display for review and LaJoyce is more than happy to help customers select the texture that will best suit their needs.


Once the customer’s hair has been prepared for styling they are seated in a small waiting area way from the salon floor.  Ladies you know how we feel about other people seeing us with our hair half done!  Customers also have the option of having their hair done in privacy area.  Say for instance you suffer from alopecia or balding and aren't comfortable with others seeing your hair.  The Weave Experience will be more than happy to accommodate your needs. 


Once the customers hair is completed their stylist returns their ticket to the front desk.  LaJoyce ensures the customer is satisfied with their services and goes over the products need to maintain their style, which are sold on site as well.  Customers will also receive a follow up email from The Weave Experience detailing the necessary steps to maintain their style until their next visit.
I really enjoyed visiting The Weave Experience and meeting LaJoyce and the staff.  LaJoyce and I have interacted on social media several times and it was great being able to meet her in person.  Now we just need to setup that shopping date we keep talking about, lol.

Be sure to follow all of WEX's (The Weave Express)  social media hangouts:

For all of you South Florida ladies you can visit WEX at:

21357 NW 2nd Ave
Miami, FL 33169

Operating Hours:
Monday:        10am – 8pm   
Tues - Wed:   12pm- 8pm  
Thurs - Fri:    10am – 8pm 
Sat - Sun:      8am – 6pm

 When you stop by The Weave Experience be sure to tell LaJoyce Shea sent you!