Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Trending: Faux Leather

* Blazer - H&M * Peplum - Bloomingdale's * Trousers - Zara * Pumps - Jessica Simpson *

Faux leather is everywhere and I have given into this trend and purchased several pieces recently.  A faux leather peplum was on the top of my list after seeing this post from Ty of Words and Wardrobe.   

This peplum was doomed from the start, have you ever tried on something and it was just a smidge too tight…I tried on a medium but felt like I needed a medium and a half.  Of course medium and a half doesn’t exist so I went up a size and felt confident about my purchase.  Like any shopaholic I forgot all about the dang top for a month!  Fast forward to yesterday, I am excited to wear my new peplum and new collarless blazer.  As soon as I put my blazer on over the peplum I felt like at 13 year old boy, this top wasn’t doing anything for me but I wasn't giving up on it yet!  I had a particularly busy day at work and was on my feet for most of the day; the worst day to have on a top that doesn't breathe, I felt like I was wearing a trash bag! 

Sigh…not all trends translate well in real life. However I will not give up on this top; after a trip to the seamstress it should be perfect.

What current trend ended up falling flat for you in real life?   

Monday, November 26, 2012

Not So Black Friday

* Denim Jacket - Oldnavy * Tank - Target * Scarf - Target * Leggings - Oldnavy *
* Purse - H&M * Boots - ? *

How was your holiday weekend? I know I enjoyed my four days off! I had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with friends, and I even had a small bite of smoked grilled turkey.  Other then that I stuck to my vegetarian diet and enjoyed the side dishes.  Growing up Thanksgiving was a day to over indulge in my house and since become a vegetarian I have moved away from that way of thinking.  When I do cook on holidays I try to keep my meals simple, healthy and tasty.  No more two and three plates for me or feasting on leftovers for three to four days afterwards.  I must say not having leftovers for a couple of days is the hard part, holiday leftovers are my absolute FAVORITE! These small changes make a huge difference and I was able to enjoy my holiday weekend without feel guilty about over eating. 

Who went shopping Thursday night???

Not me I was laid up on my couch watching Bad 25, if you guys didn't know I am the biggest Micheal Jackson fan EVER.  I seriously thought I was going to marry MJ when I was growing up.  I am going to watch that documentary over and over and over and over again!  Friday I woke up had a nice breakfast and decided to finally venture down to Lincoln Rd to check out the new H&M store.  Of course by the time I got there it was pretty low key, no lines not waiting.  I walked away with a $49 blazer that was marked down to $20 and a cute sweater for $10.  That was pretty much it for my black Friday.  I might pick up a few things today for Cyber Monday, probably beauty items or maybe an outfit for New Years Eve. 

How was your holiday weekend? What was your favorite food item from Thanksgiving? Did you score any great clothing deals this weekend?

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Classic Style: Little Black Dress

* Dress - Forever 21 * Belt - ASOS * Clutch - Lamb * Pumps - Vince Camuto *

It's that time of year ladies! Don't you love dressing for holiday events. I prefer to go all out glam and be a show stopper when I walk through the know what I mean...kinda shut it down, lol. However it's rare that I get the opportunity to get all glammed up for a holiday party anymore.  Instead I am going to get glammed up for you guys and put together a holiday outfit series that would be perfect for every occasion.  

First up the Little Black Dress, my dress may be black but it most certainly isn't little by today's standards.  However it is a great versatile go to piece that can work for several occasions.  I love that this dress has an a-line shape which looks fantastic on all body shapes.  For you ladies that are actually experiencing winter you could easily throw on a sparkly wrap to finish off your look.  This outfit would be perfect for a family gathering, dinner with friends or even a low-key office party.  I personally always reach for gold accessories which happen to be my favorite but you could easily add lots of sparkle with a rhinestone statement necklace or a sequined belt.  

So what are your holiday outfit plans?  Are you like me and plan every detail of your outfit meticulously or do you just go with the flow and let everything come together?

*Edited* I forgot to tell you guys I was featured in be sure to check it out! I know many of you have asked about my weight loss and eating habits, this feature spills the beans.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Weekend Wear: Striped Shorts

* Sweater - Zara * Shorts - Old Navy * Sandals - Target *

Shorts and a sweater in November? This is completely acceptable for South Florida.  What are some strange clothing combinations that you feel are only acceptable for your city or region?

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Pardon My Back

I was so excited about today's outfit pics! I wish you guys could see me and my photographer, arguing at each other back and forth when I take my outfit pics, lol. I am so hardheaded and I know what I like so anyone trying to give me direction is in for a struggle...a control freak does not take direction well. However we usually get it together and end up with some really great pics for you guys. These pictures are the result of me taking direction, maybe I should do that more often, what do you guys think?

* Cardigan - Target * Skirt - Target * Belt - Forever 21 * Pumps - Steve Madden *

I am not sure if you guys know but there is an awesome group on Facebook called BLM, which stands for Bloggers Like Me. This week is BLM Girls Care...7 days, 7 kind stories, 7 acts, 7 photo stories.  We have been challenged to capture our kind spirit and share it.  I would love if you guys took the time to check out the BLM Girls on Facebook, I learn something new every day from these ladies.  I not going to promise to commit to the entire seven days but I did want to share some things that I have learned about kindness.

"When we feel love and kindness toward others, it not only makes others feel loved and cared for, but it helps us also to develop inner happiness and peace." - Dalai Lama

I sometimes think I am too nice if there is such a thing.  I have never been one to hold back my willingness to help others.  However in the past couple of years I have noticed that I continue to find myself feeling used and mistreated by those I do extend my kindness to.  I am the type of person that goes all in when you are on my team.  I don't see any reason not to, but I have found that not everyone is ready and willing to accept me or my blessings.  Some people may say "oh they aren't worthy" but everyone is worthy of feeling special and having kind things done for them by those that love them.  In the past when I felt like I was being taken advantage of or someone was being careless with my feelings I would just completely remove that person from my life.  Just like that, it seemed simple enough to me.   

I am a hard to the core when it comes to protecting my feelings, sometimes I take it too far.  However not anymore, that's not what life is about life is about having a great time, making friends, creating memories and progressing.  I now know that everyone you meet and encounter is in your life for a reason be it good or bad take it as a learning experience.  I have matured enough to know I won't like what everyone has to say or what they do, nor do I have to but I will respect them and their feelings and I expect them same in return.  So I felt it appropriate to name my post "Pardon My Back" because I have turned my back on that way of thinking.  I have learned that holding on to negativity does not benefit anyone.  I will not devote my time and energy towards that instead I will focus on those that take the time to make me feel special and love them even harder.  It took me a long time and a lot of hurt feelings to get where I am today, but what would life be without those hard lessons.  I feel like this has made me so much more relaxed and fun to be around. 

So regardless of who I come in contact with I will always be me and never let the actions of others affect my acts of kindness and prevent me from being who I really am.  


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Jewel Tones

* Blazer - Forever 21 * Dress - Thrifted * Belt - TJ Maxx * Sandals - Ralph Lauren *

Color-blocking is by far my favorite trend ever!  I love it so much because it's easy to create, no shopping required.  I have a really bad habit of running out and buying new clothes when I want to try something new, instead of trying to work with what I have.  Jewel tone color-blocking is perfect for fall, the deep saturated colors work seamlessly with the change of season.  Of course there is no real change of season here in Miami, besides slightly color temperatures but I still like to dress the part.   

What summer trends are you taking with you into the fall/winter season?  

Monday, November 5, 2012

Black on Black

* Blazer - Target * Peplum - Forever 21 * Pants - Ross * Pumps - Steve Madden *

I have a love/hate relationship with time changes.  I love the fall back time change because I hate waking up in the dark but as a blogger I have no evening light anymore *sigh*, blogger problems.  On a better note I woke up feeling great this morning and was super early for work!    

Okay so how dope is the graffiti wall!!!  Now that I have someone taking my pics we always try to find new interesting places to take pics and this spot has to be my favorite by far.  I love the contrasting colors of the wall and how they stand out against my all black outfit.  I have been dying to wear a peplum with wide leg pants after seeing several pics on Pinterest.  I love the way it turned out *excuse the wrinkled pants*.  I was going for an unsuited look, the appearance of a suit but without having the complete monochromatic look.  I knew my new Target blazer would be perfect and while I love this tweed blazer this sucker runs small! I mean seriously I had to go up two sizes. 

Dear Target,

I need you guys to work on your sizing.  I know sizing always varies from store to store, however you guys have been way off as of lately.  I would also like to know why a sizing chart isn’t available online, how avid shoppers like I are suppose to check the measurements of the clothing you sell.  In addition your customer service reps do not have measurements on sizing either. While I love you guys, I just need you to do a little bit better.


Serial Target Shopper

Ya'll know I LOVE my Target clothes but man they are killing me when it comes to sizing!  Is it just me or have you guys noticed it as well? Let me know.  

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Faux Fall

* Blazer - Express/Thrifted * Dress - Ross * Boots - Kenneth Cole *

I am sad to report that Miami's fall season is officially over for now * insert sad face*.  I did enjoy the few days of cooler temaptures that we did have.  I finally had the opportunity break out my new knee-high boots I purchased from Macy's a few weeks back.  You guys seriously do not understand how happy I was when I saw these boots online. I have thick calves and always have problem find boots that zip all the way up.  At first I wasn't too keen on having a huge stretch panel on the back of my boots, but when they arrived I loved them.  

I also purchased these cute knee high boots from Just Fab, I was praying they would fit since the boot shaft circumference was only 14" and my calves are 16".  I just got them this morning and they fit! I am normally not a shoe of the month type of person but they were offering 50% to new members and I found a coupon code for an additional $20 off, so I paid $40 for two pairs of shoes. No more boots for me since out cold days are few and far between. 

Despite the wonderful weather we are having in Miami my thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected by hurricane Sandy.  I was born in Brooklyn and can only imagine what it would be like to see NYC flooded and at a standstill.  Hurricanes give me major anxiety and no matter how many I have been through (I think it's four or five) I can never get use to it.  I am a control freak and I just can deal with uncertainty.  I hope all my fellow bloggers are staying safe up there.  I have been calling my mom twice a day; I know she is getting sick of me, lol.  

So what good deals have you come across lately, the shopaholic in me would love to know!