Sunday, September 30, 2012

Weekend Wear: Stripe Dress and Huge Puff

* Dress - Oldnavy * Sandals - Payless * Purse - LV Speedy 35 *

This dress is a perfect summer/fall transition piece, I can't wait to wear it with cognac knee boots and my favorite denim jacket when we finally get cooler temps.  The material is super soft and washes well, and it comes in four colors.  Use this coupon code (thankyou) to get 30% off until October 2nd! 

Wooo hooo for my huge puff! I have to be the laziest natural ever, I am probably the only person excited about being able to put my hair in a puff.  When I was younger I would spend hours perfecting my not so much, lol.  I guess I just don't have the patience anymore. I intend to rock this sucker all week which is monumental for me.  I am sure I will get plenty of commentary at work for sure.  Any-who, I wore my hair out for a natural hair event yesterday and figured I should just keep it this way for the week.  Maybe I will try doing a twist out.  Wish me luck!!!

FAQ about my hair:
  • I transitioned for one year.  My last relaxer was May 2010, I big chopped June 2011. 
  • I do not take any supplements for hair growth.
  • I decided to go natural after a really bad chemical burn on my nape made my hair fall out!

Friday, September 28, 2012

The Ones that Didn't Make It - Summer Edition

Flat Out Heels Launch Party
* Blazer - Zara * Tank - Target * Swing shorts - Target * Wedges - Nine West *
 I had to retire these shorts, they had me feeling naked all night! 

Blo Midtown Wine Event
* Blouse - Target * Skirt - Target * Wedges - Nine West * 
I love this outfit, I just wish the other pics would have came out better.

Beach day!
* Kaftan - Forever 21 * Fedora - Forever 21 Men (Yep, I have a big head)
Kaftans are the perfect way to be covered up and stylish while at the beach.

Date Night at Yard Bird
* Cutout Maxi dress - F21 * Earring - Nikki B Accessories * Clutch - DSW * Jewelry - F21 *
I love this dress but unfortunately, my photographer was playing around too much and I only got a few good shots.

 Lunch date The Daily Creative Food Co.
* Maxi Dress - H&M * Purse - Oldnavy * Sandals - Target *
I love this dress, but it is entirely too big, and all I looked preggers in almost every pic.
Well guys this is the rundown of the summer outfits you missed! Summer is officially over for most of you but the warm temps are still going strong here in Miami.  Hopefully I will be able to post fall outfits in the near future.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Black & Blue

 * Peplum - Forever 21 * Skirt - The Limited * Belt - ASOS * Pumps - Betsey Johnson *  

* Peplum - Forever 21 * Trousers - TJ Maxx * Bracelets - Forever 21 *

I am not sure if you guys knew this but blue is my favorite color, I love peplum tops and anything with a bow on it makes me smile.  So that would account for the similarity in these two outfits.  I ended up wearing these outfits within two weeks of each other and didn't even realize it.  Both tops are from Forever 21, I picked up the lace peplum from D.C. this weekend.  The top wasn't even out on the floor yet, it was in the process of getting unpacking and I just happened to see it when my friend was in the dressing room.  Of course after I noticed all the details, lace overlay and faux leather piping I knew it was coming with me.   

Oh how I love these Betsey Johnson pumps, let me just say that they have been retired for a while.   I have worn these shoes everyday since I got them! I just couldn't help myself they are so cute and comfy.  I have also put away my metal bow belt from ASOS another item that has been in heavy rotation.   

I try to stay away from repeating the same outfits over and over, but when you like something you just like it, right?  Would you wear the same exact outfit every single day? I have noticed several people at my job that do that, same outfit every day but different colors.  That's not for me but I am guilty of always wearing pencil skirts, blazers and platform pumps.  

What are some of your favorite signature pieces that you wear all the time?

Monday, September 24, 2012

My Birthday Weekend!

I know my posting has been sporadic over the last two weeks but I have been so busy traveling back and forth.  My birthday was this past Saturday and I went back to D.C. to celebrate with my besties!

  Playing in the mirror before dinner

 My besties, we have been going strong since 1995

 We all ended up wearing black and white coincidentally

 Lump crab cake from Clyde's in the Chinatown area of D.C.  The food was outstanding but the service was TERRIBLE!

 My beautiful chocolate layered cake from Cake Love, this cake was seriously delicious.  "White and dark chocolate cakes sandwich vanilla butter-cream and fresh raspberries under a glaze of rich chocolate ganache."  I love anything chocolate and this cake was right on target.

 Happy Birthday to me!  So that's not exactly 32 candles, shhhhhh don't tell anyone.

 * Dress - ASOS * Sandals - Betsy Johnson * Clutch - Marshall * Belt - Betsey Johnson * 
* Jewelry - Forever 21 *

( I don't know what I was doing in this pic! lol)

I LOVED my birthday dress, I seriously was not ready to take it off at the end of the night, lol.  I was comfortable and confident and was able to do a little too step and not have to worry about a thing! 

D.C. is becoming my second home I love everything about the city and as usual my besties and I had a great time, I really enjoyed celebrating my 32nd birthday with them.  Thanks again ladies!

Of course last but not least thank you to everyone that sent me birthday wishes on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.  I love you guys!!!!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Lady In Red

* Dress - Marshalls * Belt - ASOS * Pumps - Jessica  Simpson * Bracelets - Gifted *

Oh how I love sheath dresses! I purchased this same dress at a steal on Ebay two months ago only to get it and realized it was petite, booooo!  I do love it but it's a tad bit too short for work.  I can probably get away with wearing it with patterned tights in the winter or I might just add a contrasting color to the bottom to make it longer.  Either way this makes my third Calvin Klein dress and as usual the fit is amazing.  

Marshalls, TJ Maxx and Ross usually all carry Calvin Klein dresses for great prices.  If you are looking for a great sheath dress you can't go wrong with this one.  

I also finally purchased a DSLR camera, a little early birthday gift to myself.  I must say I thought I would be overwhelmed but I have been taking my time and learning it.  I used it to take these outfit pics which are so-so, I will get better once I learn all the settings but for now the Creative Auto setting is my best friend.  

Here are my favorite photos I have taken so far: 
  I caught this lighting strike last night when I was catching up on The New Normal. 

My niece B-Rocka turned one this past weekend, she refuses to look at the camera or smile for pictures, lol.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Dress To Kill Grand Opening

I had the pleasure of attending the grand opening of Dress to Kill Boutique on September 1, 2012.  Myself and several bloggers were in attendance to support fellow blogger/designer Cortnie of Stylelustpages and   Love, Cortnie. 

 * Dress - Necessary Clothing (black is sold out) * Belt - TJ Maxx * 
* Sandals - Lauren by Ralph Lauren * Winged Necklace - Ebay * Clutch - Marshalls *

I decided to wear my new high-low dress from Necessary clothing, I knew there would be a lot of standing up and I wanted to be comfortable.  Thanks Ashley for this great shot!

   (L to R): Melissa, Sindy, Ashley, Me

My main squeeze partners in crime for the night! I had so much fun with these ladies.  Everyone looks so beautiful.  Melissa came all the way from West Florida, I really enjoyed meeting her and her sister.
Who doesn't love accessories! There were so many beautiful items that caught my eye.  Of course the Love, Cortnie clutches were a favorite of mine.  I am a sucker for hoop earrings and statement necklaces.  I would have loved to brought home one of each! 
The fabulous owner Antonia "Toni" Decquir-Louissant of Dress to Kill offers a beautiful selection of indie brand clothing at affordable prices.  I am usually not a fan of boutiques because of the higher priced clothing and smaller sized clothes.  However, every item that caught my eye at the grand opening was reasonable priced and I had no problems finding my size. Curvy girl friendly!!!
Corntie posing with her beautiful clutches.
Of course the best part of the night was meeting Emily B.  If you follow her on Instagram you know her style is amazing and she didn't disappoint at all. 

The entire crew! The turn out was great, I also enjoyed having dinner with Ashley and Melissa afterwards.  Let me tell you those ladies had my stomach hurting from laughing so hard! I had a really wonderful time. 

Make sure you guys follow Dress to Kill Bouqtiue on Instagram (DRESSTOKILL_BOUTIQUE), Antonia posts new merchandise daily.  You can also find her phone number on IG if you would like further information about an item, or email her at

For all you local ladies Dress to Kill is located at:
188 NW 36th St
Miami, FL 33127 

Be sure to also check out all the other bloggers that covered the event:

Melissa - Family, Faith, Fashion
Sindy - Sindy Stylez
Ashley - A Sassy Woman
Deidre - Frugal Flirty N Fab

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Weekend Wear: High Waisted Pants

* Vest - DIY * Tank - DIY * Pants - Lord and Taylor Outlet * Sandals - Target
 * Necklace - Forever 21 * Readers - H&M * Ring - H&M *

I sometimes have the habit of purchasing things because the price is just too good.  Case in point, I purchased these high waisted pants several months ago from the Lord and Taylor outlet for $3.  Yep, $3! However, they sat in my closet because I wasn't really sure how to style them, and the last two times I wore them I wasn't really happy with the results.  So yesterday I pulled them out again and decided to try something different, show a little skin.  My DIY crop top is showing just the teeniest amount of skin without making me feel uncomfortable.  I have successfully concurred high waisted pants and a crop top! 

I hope you guys enjoy the rest of your weekend.   

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Shades of Green

* Blazer - H&M * Tank  - Target * Skirt - Old navy * Sandals - Ralph Lauren * Necklace - Forever 21 *
So the unofficial end of summer is here for most of you.  Are you guys ready for the fall fashions?  I know I am, but of course cold days in Miami will be few to none.  As usual I will live vicariously through all of you sporting your fabulous fall fashions.  There is just something about dressing for colder weather that I love! While summer is nowhere near over for us in Miami the beginning of September does mark the countdown to my 32nd birthday in a few weeks! I have also noticed that many of you I connect with on social media are Virgos as well; we are special people aren't we?

As you can see I am going through an unintentional color phase which happens to be green.  While green is not my normal go to color lately it’s been working.  Stretchy tube skirts are usually a no-no for work because they are always too tight and too thin.  However, I love that this skirt is a medium weight knit and one reviewer stated she bought the skirt in a Tall versus a Regular to wear as a midi!  So that is exactly what I did and I couldn't be happier with my decision.  You guys know Old navy sizing is all over the place, I can never state anything from them is true to size but I ordered a Large and the fit is perfect.