Friday, June 29, 2012

Black and White

 * Peplum T-shirt - Forever 21 * Jeans - Levis Curve ID * Wedges - DSW * Clutch - DSW *

Guess what??? My vacation starts tomorrow! I can’t wait to see my nieces and enjoy the calmness and southern hospitality of NC. Last night I attended Fashion Blogger Do it Better (Summer Edition) last night.  It was great seeing some of my fellow bloggers and chatting it up with them.  Of course I wanted to like casual chic.  
I decided it was time to break out my white Levis again and I knew I wanted to wear my new scarf print wedges.  I am usually not one for trendy items but I just couldn’t resist these.  I originally saw them in red on Instagram (Thanks to Kourtney) and decided to seek them out.  However upon further research I discovered they were about $80 here.  Ummm no, not for a shoe I will probably only wear for one season.  I went into frugalista mode and found them here for $60 with free shipping and I had a $10 off coupon, score! I ended up paying $53 and end up loving the teal print so much more than the red print.  Guess what DSW let me use an expired coupon that was still saved in my profile, awesome! I can wait to wear these babies again, I felt like I was 6 feet tall in them.

  * I should have taken the pics without my clutch I am covering up the flowiness of my peplum*

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Coils and Curls Beauty Lounge

This past Saturday I attend the Coils & Curls Beauty Lounge at the Sagamore Art Hotel on Miami Beach.  The event was beautifully executed by the ladies of Social Esquire.  This was actually my first natural hair event and I was nervous!!! You guys know I don't really style my natural hair so I was kind of apprehensive about rocking the fro but the ladies at the event were so warm and inviting, they had a sista feeling good! 

There were plenty of beautiful ladies in attendance, I loved seeing all the different hair textures and styles.  Of course everyone was fashionable as well.  I love the teal and orange color blocking as well as the printed leggings. 

Moroccanoil brand managers were on hand providing curl clinics which went in to detail about each of their curl care products.  I really want to try their Intense Hydrating Mask and the Morrocanoil Treatment which is one of their signature products. Who doesn't love a good swag bag, I can't wait to try out my Morrocanoil sample.

Of course no event is complete without sweet treats, accessories and makeup!  I know I am not the only person that gets excited about mini cupcakes! Sugars Sweet Dreams provided the sweets and hands down these were the best cupcakes I have had in S. Florida.  I must admit I had about 4 which actually equals one regular sized cupcake, which isn't all that bad, right? 

As promised here is my cropped top or faux crop top, I actually just knotted my t-shirt in the back, yep I went old school.  My skirt is maxi dress that I cut the top off because it was a little too revealing.  Of course the main attraction is my outrageously big hair, I really need to work on my natural hair styling.  If you follow me on twitter and Instagram you saw my hair when it was first blown out, it actually shrank a bit but I am proud to say I have been natural for one year!  Maybe I will finally get my hair straightened.   

I had a fantastic time  hanging out with my usual crew as well as meeting and mingling with lots of new people.  I can't wait for the next Social Esquire event! 


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Ones That Didn't Make it: Part II

I like doing these collective post of my outfits that didn't make the cut.  I think it shows a better range of my style.  You can definitely see that I have a thing for black, white and red. 

  * Blazer - Thrifted * Tank - H&M * Skirt - Target * Pumps - Call it Spring *

 * Blazer - Macys * Blouse - Oldnavy * Skirt - Forever 21 * Wedges - Ninewest *

 * T Shirt - NY&Co. * Ankle Trousers - Zara * Wedges - Ninewest * Necklace - Forever21 *

* Peplum - NY&Co. * Belt - Limited * Skinny Pants - NY&Co. * Pumps - Call it Spring *

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Dressed Up

* Cropped Blazer - H&M * Sheath Dress - Ross * Belt -? * Pumps - Call It Spring *

Usually basic pieces aren’t much to look at but all you need is a little umph to bring them out.  I love sheath dresses for that reason, the styling options are endless.  The addition of a blazer, cardigan, button down shirt or belt can really make a simple dress or skirt standout.  I will admit it can be hard to try and remix the same item over and over but it can be done.  Last year I participated in BeautyFash’s One Dress One Week challenge and learned first hand it can be challenging.  You can see how I remixed this dress five different ways here. 

So today's outfit has been dressed up with my favorite cropped blazer from H&M.  This blazer is my go to item when I want to feel fancy and sparkly.        

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Style Steal

* Skirt - Ebay * Blazer - Forever 21 * Belt - Forever 21 * Sandals - Ralph Lauren *
I purchased this skirt (worn as a dress) during my floral phase and for the life of me I couldn’t figure out how to wear it.  Last week I had an aaahhh moment when I saw NeShanta of Stylish She wearing a pleated skirt as a dress! Good idea right, so I decided to be a total copy cat and finally bring out this floral beauty. This is one reason I love blogging and blogs, inspiration is all over the place.  

A major crisis has been averted this skirt lives to see another day and avoids the Goodwill pile. 


Thursday, June 14, 2012

Pleated Pleasure

* Blazer - Zara * Tank - H&M * Belt -? * Skirt - Kohls * Pumps - Jessica Simpson *

 First things first...the winners of the Spring Social Giveaway are:

 Ladies I will contact you via email so I can send out your goodies.

I am going to veer away from my normal blogging banter for a moment, something has been on my mind and I need to put it out there.  I read a post on another blog stating the blogging world has changed and people are doing it as a trend.  The post also stated that blogging has become over saturated with any and everyone doing it to make money.  I thought for a moment and came to this conclusion...WHO CARES!  Me personally I am all about people doing what makes them happy.  If you want to start a blog go for it, if you want to quit your 9-5 and blog professionally do it, if you want to spend all your money on a fancy layout, and pay a professional photographer to take your pictures, do it!  If you only want to do sponsored posts that's your business.  There is plenty of room for all of us.  From the small town girl to the big city diva we all contribute something different.  I feel like if you are busy doing you then you don't really have time to notice what others are doing, know what I mean? 

Okay enough of that.  Lately I have been in love with anything pleated.  I purchased this skirt in early May but never pulled the trigger on wearing it.  For some reason I had it in my mind that my hips were too wide to wear pleated skirts, crazy I know.  After doing some intense internet research and by intense I mean searching for pictures of pleated skirts on Pinterest.   I finally decided it would look best with a blazer.  The skirt is actually a little longer but I decided to pull it up a tad bit so I wouldn't look so matronly.  I think it will also look very cute worn with just a tank for weekend wear. 

Now I need a floor sweeping pleated maxi skirt that isn't over $100, any suggestions?


Thursday, June 7, 2012

Simple Color blocking

* T-shirt - The Limited * Skirt - The Limited * Readers - H&M * Necklace - Forever 21 *
* Pumps - Jessica Simpson

Folk’s summer in Miami is upon us and this humidity is no joke.  I have been keeping my outfit’s super simple, lots of light t-shirts and dresses this week.  Dressing for the office tempature is out the door, it's too hot, lol.  

Rarely do I wear an entire outfit from one store but these two pieces were meant to be together.  I purchased both from the Limited outlet at Arundel Mills.  I should have followed suit and bought this t-shirt in every color like my besties did, they were on clearance with an additional 40% off. I can see myself styling this simple shirt so many different ways.  Of course buying the pencil skirt was a no-brainer, we go together like peanut butter and jelly!   I also spied Kandi and Melissa working their cobalt skirts a few weeks ago, and it’s been on my radar since. 

I have also succumb to the faux readers trend which really isn't a stretch for me since I wear glasses anyway =)  

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Peach and Polka Dots

 * Dress - Forever 21 * Belt - ? * Wedges - Nine West * Ring - Forever 21 *
(The dress really isn't that poofy, the wind kept catching it)

I'm in love! I know you guys have heard me say that before but this dress had me swooning all day long.  I wore this polka dot beauty to the office, but it would be the perfect for a graduation, a summer wedding or for church.  I know my co-workers think I am probably over the top sometimes with my work outfits but to be honest I don't know anything else.  I was that girl in high school that rarely wore jeans and only owned one pair of sneakers.  I have never really changed from that but I have realized that since getting divorce and being on my own for the past five years I have really grown into my own.  I have come to know myself a lot better and become more appreciative of what God has given me.  I have learned that no matter what the situation always love yourself.  I am different but the same, does that make sense?  

I didn’t mean to get all philosophical on you guys but I just had an “I am proud of me moment” that I had to share. 
I want to know what makes you proud of yourself, leave me a comment below and don't be modest =)

Monday, June 4, 2012

Spring Social Giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

It's Monday!!!! I know you guys just can't contain your excitement, what better way to start the week than with a giveaway.  Last month Ashley and I hosted a fabulous Spring Social at Charming Charlies and we had a few goodie bags left over.  One of the best thing about blogger events is the swag!  I am proud to say for our first event Ashley and I had very generous sponsors and I am happy to share some of the goodies with you guys.

All you have to do is enter using the rafflecopter thingamajig and I will select three winners next week.  Selected winners will receive the following: 

(3) ILY Beauty Co. Moxi Curl Shampoo samples
(3) Coastal Scents Coat Nail Polishes
(5) Coastal Scents Mineral Eye shadow samples (good for three applications)
(5) Coastal Scents Mineral Blush samples (good for three applications)

Giveaway is open to entrants in the continental United States only.  Please read all terms and conditions listed on rafflecopter.