Thursday, April 26, 2012

Spring Social at Charming Charlies

Hey guys this is just a quick post to let you know that Ashley and I are hosting a Spring Social at Charming Charlies at the Shops at Pembroke on May5th.  If you would like to attend please RSVP here. 

We have some really great things planned and have some amazing sponsors which are located on my sidebar, more we be added as they confirm their availability.  I hope to see some of you ladies there!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Mix N' Mingle Recap

I had so much fun co-hosting C. Michelle's Mix and Mingle, it truly was a great experience.  I would like to thank C. Michelle and Dekeisha again for inviting me to participate.  I would also like to thank all the lovely ladies and gents that came out to support us you guys are awesome! 

We had a great discussion panel, how many trends can you spot in this pic? Lol
L to R: Dekeisha, C.Michelle, Ashley, Moi and Jillian

Lots of local love, thanks for coming out ladies!

India won the Dominican Mane goodie bag!

The owner of Janiki Couture, I was so busy talking I didn't get an opportunity to buy anything! lol

Be sure to watch the entire video C.Michelle is having a goodie bag giveaway, visit her blog to enter!

Thanks again to all the wonderful sponsors!
Dominican Mane (
No-Miss Cosmetics (
Retro City Sunglasses(
My Shade of Brown (
Komplexx Blends Cosmetics (

Monday, April 23, 2012


*Clears throat and taps mic*  I AM ALMOST DONE WITH SCHOOL!  I was so busy last week with finals, I didn't have time for anything but I did manage to take a few pics.  If you follow me on instagram (CurveeBeauty) you have already seen these:

Throw Back Thursdays - my relaxed hair while I was transitioning.  I can't wait until I am able to whip my hair back forth again.

New shoes - Apt 9 Peep Toe Platform

Late night studying - Fundamentals of Taxation
My professor emailed me my grade last night, I got a 91 in the class! 

C.Michelles Mix N Mingle

My outfit for the Mix N Mingle, more pics to come!
NY and Co. peplum top and Old Navy Rockstar Jeggings

A glass of Moscato with my dinner on Saturday, I deserved it.

Long hair don't care, almost 24 months post relaxer!

Veggie Lasagna my mommy made for me!

I will be back to regular posting this week.  I have one more final tonight and I am done! My celebration dinner has been planned, my graduation outfit and shoes have been purchased, my mom arrived Saturday and my cap and gown has been picked up.  I can relax just a little before the rest of my family arrives on Friday.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Swinging and Swaying

* Blazer - H&M * Tank - Old Navy * Flares - Old Navy * Bracelets - H&M * 
* Watch - Micheal Kors * 

Sometimes you just feel like giving the skinny jeans a break.  Flares are a great alternative if you are tried of the madness that comes with wearing skinny jeans.  You ladies know what I am talking about...making sure the rise is just right (no muffin tops over here), feeling self-conscious about imperfections being visible, and making sure you have the perfect fit (not too tight, not too loose).  None of that is going on today because I am swinging and swaying in my flares honey! lol.  They are perfection, not one compliant.  If you are looking for a great pair of flairs check out Old Navy.

Six days until Mix and Mingle! Did you RSVP yet?

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

C. Michelle Beauty and Fashion Bloggers Meet and Greet Miami 2012

Are you ready for the next Miami blogger event? Of course you are!  I have the pleasure of participating in a fashion and beauty discussion panel on April 19th. This event is free, but you must RSVP to attend, space is limited.  Complimentary hors d' oeuvres and a C. Michelle goody bag will be available to VIP guest that purchase a ticket for the private cocktail hour. 

C. Michelle, a YouTube beauty and fashion guru, did a wonderful job of putting this event together.  Make sure you guys check out her out:

Twitter:  @CMichelleStyles
Check out C. Michelle's promo video, she is so cute and bubbly!

I hope to see you there! 


Monday, April 9, 2012

NCBW - Leadership Breakfast

This past Saturday I attended the National Coalition of 100 Black Women Leadership Breakfast.  The basis of the breakfast was Link, Leverage, Lead; Link professional women, leverage your network and lead other women.  I had a great time and the information was plentiful.  Of course I took plenty of notes to share with you guys!  First things first...the outfits!

 * Dress - TJMaxx * Belt - Forever 21 * Pumps - Jessica Simpson * Bracelets - H&M * Clutch - DSW *

I love these ladies, definitely a great group of women to have in my circle.
L to R: Chanell, Dionne, Iris, Ashley, Moi, April

Dress twins!  I loved Iris's color combo of peach and gold.  I will be recreating this look! Her dress is from Forever 21, less than $20!

Yep, my eyes are closed but Ashley looks marvelous.  Her dress is amazing, of course I ordered one as soon as I got home, lol.  I need spring time stripes in my life! 

Here are a few takeaways from the panel discussion:
Biggest challenges that women leaders face?  Deciding to be successful and developing and implementing a strategy.  Being clear on values and operating on your value base.  Being aware of your environment and the politics of your environment. 

Difference between a mentor and a sponsor?  A mentor is someone you can identify with.  Someone who has the ability to teach you on a daily basis.   A mentor knows the culture of the business and unwritten rules.  A sponsor is someone who helps you get in the door.  They give you a voice when you don't have one.  A sponsor may not look like you and not come from your background but they will have the money and power. 

What aspects of a woman's life develops her leadership potential?  Church involvement, organized sports, school clubs and organizations, and parenting.  

What forms of support would you like to see in the workplace to help women develop?
Generational diversity training, emotional intelligence training, mentors that inform you about the lingo and unwritten rules, understanding crucial conversations.  Most of all learning to TURN YOUR SWAG SWITCH ON!

I learned so much and I definitely know how important it is to toot your own horn and never be modest about what you have accomplished. 

Friday, April 6, 2012


* Stripe Tee - Oldnavy * Jeans - Levis Curve ID * Sandals - Candies * Bracelets - Gifted *

My Friday outfits are always so easy to put together.  I usually just grab something and throw it on.  I know that probably sounds bad but I put enough thought into Mon – Thurs outfits; I like to be comfortable on Fridays unless I have a meeting or something.  I know most people say you shouldn’t wear form fitting jeans to work BUT I say it depends on your office atmosphere.  One thing was for sure I knew I wanted to wear my new shoes from Kohl’s.  I normally don’t shop at Kohl’s but Ashley had on the CUTEST leopard loafers and I of course inquired about them.  Ash picked up her shoes in store (why do that when they can come to me, lol).  I am a serious internet shopper and a barginista to the bone.  The price of the shoes was cheaper online and I was able to get 20% off with free shipping. *Happy Dance* Now I am just waiting for these really cute pair of wedges to go on sale. 

I hope everyone enjoys their Good Friday and Easter weekend.  My weekend is going to be super busy but I am not complaining!       

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Inspiration Recreation: Shanticka

Hey!! Ticka here! I found the outfit that I wanted to re-create!! It's from one of your "Outfits that didn't make it". When I saw the shoes, I knew I was instantly inspired to re-create this look!

* Jacket - Gifted * Tank - Target * Jeans - Rockstar Skinnies- Old Navy *  
* Shoes - Jordan 3's (True Blue) - Foot Locker * Purse - Coach *
I love this look! I am such a Jordan girl too, I think I have about 10 pairs myself.  The True Blues are probably one of my favorites. Thank you so much for submitting your outfit Ticka!  Make sure you guys check out Ticka's blog and follow her on Twitter as well.  She is such a sweetheart and we have the best shoe discussions on Twitter, lol. 

If you have recreated an outfit seen on Curves and Confidence send me a picture with a short description of your outfit to so I can feature you! Pictures must be good quality head to toe shots.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Weekend Wear: Big Hair

* Vest - Gap/DIY * Dress - Ross * Sandals - Payless * Purse - LV Speedy 35 * Bracelets - Gifted * 
* Earrings - *

Yesterday I rocked my fro!  I must say I loved it; my hair was big and all over the place. I am thinking about straightening it for my 1 year natural hair anniversary in June.  I am not sure how long it would last, Florida's summers are serious!  I actually wore my hair out for a video I did with Ashley and India did for Ily Beauty Co.  I figured if I was going to talk about hair I mind as well wear my own.  

The second star of the day was my maxi dress! I was just telling Kerrisa I need more maxi dresses, she owns 20+, I think I have about 5 at the most. The length on this one is PERFECT, and for $9.99 I wasn't about the leave this baby.  I need to go back to Ross and hunt down a few more maxi dresses.

Its Monday so you know my hair tucked away under my lace front for the week.  I am curious to know if your work environment is receptive to natural hair or is it taboo?