Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Striking Stripes

* Blazer - Thrifted * Dress - Ann Taylor via eBay *  Sandals - BCBG Generation * Bracelet - Gifted *
* Ring - Forever 21 *

I am seriously drawing a blank today; I have started writing this blog post at least ten times! I guess I could at least tell you about my outfit right?  After swooning over this dress on Ann Taylor Loft and missing out on it because the price wasn't right for me I found this baby on eBay, new with tags.  I paid $20 and received free shipping, take that Ann Taylor! I found my blazer at Red, White and Blue thrift, and we all know it is a no-no to thrift white clothes.  But this blazer was in amazing condition, I think it was actually new, I couldn’t leave it.

I changed my hair again; I was really disappointed with the other lace wig I was wearing.  The shedding was driving me insane! I couldn’t take it and on top of that it tangled like crazy. I pulled out old faithful added some hair to her and girlfriend looks good!   

Is anyone in the Miami area attending the It Girl Expo tomorrow or Thursday?  If so let me know I would love to meet you.   

I also think I will show you guys what I have been purchasing since I have been on my budget, I thought it would be hard to stick to $100 but I have come in under both months so far.

Thank you for reading my randomness today!  

Friday, February 24, 2012

Trending: Neon

 * Sweater - Old Navy * Jeans - Levis Curve ID * Pumps - Call it Spring * Watch - Fossil *
*Ring - Forever 21 * Bracelets - Forever 21 *

I am sure you guys have noticed that NEON is everywhere!  Either you love it or you hate it, and I personally love it!  For one, I can easily incorporate neon into my wardrobe because there are several stores carrying affordable items.  I picked up this sweater up at Old Navy two weeks ago for $9.99.  Target also has a wide selection of very cute neon wallets, clutches and cross body bags.  I would even try neon jeans; check out Jillian rocking her very affordable pair from Nordstrom, cute right?

I have even spotted a few pairs of wedges I would love to have for the summer, nothing over the top just subtle hints of color. These are my favorites:  ALDO Brimfield Wedge Sandal and XhilarationTeresa Espadrille Wedge.

So what trends have you fallen in love with or do you steer clear of them all together?

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Ones That Didn't Make It (Updated)

I just wanted to share with you guys a few of my outfits that I had all intentions on posting but for whatever reason I never blogged about them, probably because: I hated the pictures at the time, I only ended up with one good picture out of the twenty-five I took or I LOVED the outfit in person but it didn't look as lovely in pictures. So here you go...the forgotten ones. 

(The masses have spoken..updated to include clothing descriptions)  

* Faux leather jacket - Forever 21 * Tank - Love Culture * Jeans - Old Navy Rock star Jeggings *
* Sneakers - Retro Jordan Cement 3s * Purse - TJmaxx * 
                * Blazer - H&M * Tank - Love Culture * Pants - Ross * Shoes - MRKT via DSW * 
   * Necklace - Forever21 * Ring - Forever 21 *

 * Cardigan - Zara * Tank - Forever 21 * Wide Leg Trouser - NY&Co. Outlet *
* Bracelets Forever 21 * Rings - Forever 21 *

* Button down shirt - Old Navy * V neck sweater - Forever 21 * Ankle Trousers - Old Navy
* Pumps - Jessica Simpson *

 * Ruffled blouse - Thrifted * Skirt - Target * Slingbacks - Steve Madden *

* Top - NY&Co. * Gold Belt - Target * Skirt - Forever 21 * Pumps - Forever 21 * 
*Ring - Charlotte Russe *

* Blazer - Macys * Tank - Love Culture * Trousers - MJR Sales * Necklace - JcPenney * 
You can purchase these trousers at Victoria Secrets here or search for them on MJR Sales.

 * Safari jacket - Old navy * Scarf - Dots * Necklace - Dots * Tank - Forever 21 * Pants - Ross *

Friday, February 17, 2012

Beauty is Her Name

 She never cooperates when I try to get her to pose, we need more practice!

 * Dress - c/o eShakti.com * Belt- Thrifted * Pumps - Call it Spring * Earrings - Bijuju.com *

Well her name really isn’t beauty but I felt very beautiful wearing this dress from eShakti.com.  When I was first contacted by them to do a review I decided to try something I wouldn’t normally wear.  I pretty much stay away from patterns and lots of colors, but I took a leap of faith with this one and I am so glad I did.  This dress is beautiful, the fit is perfect and it has pockets!

In its original state this dress would not have been an option for me.  On the eShakti website this dress is shown as tunic length which means it would be a shirt on me, lol.  I feel most comfortable wearing dresses that are knee length or a little longer.  Those lengths work well with my height and frame.  Everything seems to shorten when you have junk in the trunk!  I choose not to go at the entire process of taking all my measurements, which is outlined here.  I ordered one size down from what I normally wear; I put in my bra size, gave my height measurements and selected a longer length.

So would you guys buy a customized dress from a retailer? Here are a few other pieces I have my eye on which would easily fit into new my shopping budget. 

Bow tied neck poplin dress - this would look awesome in white or khaki, with a pair of pastel pumps for sandals for spring.  I think this would be a beautiful after graduation dress for me!

On the dot dress - perfect for work, I would add a red patent leather belt, camel color blazer and red pumps.

Undulation skirt - I love this pattern, it would look great worn casually if you shortened it and put on a simple white tank and denim jacket, with wedges or flat sandals.  If you decided to wear it longer pair it with a black blazer and high heel sandals for work.

Check out these other lovely ladies rocking the chain reaction dress: 

A Fat Girls Blues
Island Chic 77 (scroll down to Jan 16 post)


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

In The Navy

* Dress - Lord and Taylor Outlet * Pumps - Call it Spring * Necklace - JcPenney * Ring - Forever 21
* Bracelets - Gifted *

I am still riding high off an amazing Valentine’s Day!  I have a love/hate relationship with surprises.  I love when someone puts the thought and effort into surprising me but I hate not being in control.  Yea I am a control freak, it’s hard for me to let go and just let stuff happen.  For me creating a memory is worth so much more than any gift you can give me.  I think my faith in Valentine’s Day has been restored! 

The cold snap Miami had is now over which means I can commence to dressing like it is early summer again.  This dress is another find from the Lord and Taylor outlet I spoke about here.  I actually didn’t pick out this dress, my friend India did.  She was going hard on those racks pulling out amazing piece after amazing piece; finding stuff for herself, Ashley and me!  As an added bonus the dress was originally $78 and I paid $18.  I didn’t even try it on which was a no-no but I just knew it would fit! Thanks India!  The knit panels and faux leather on this dress are amazing, which easily makes it one of my faves.

My neck felt so naked, nothing like a statement necklace to fix that! (added after I took my outfit pics)

Monday, February 13, 2012

Weekend Wear: Cobalt Skinny Jeans

* Faux leather jacket - Forever 21 * Tank - OldNavy * Jeans - JcPenney * Booties - Guess * Clutch - Lamb * Bracelet & Necklace - Forever 21 *

I had an awesome jam packed weekend.  Ashley and I had the opportunity to meet the fabulous Jillian of NuSophisticate.com Saturday evening.  We wasted no time contacting her after she was featured as the Fashion Bomb of the Day on FashionBombDaily.com.  We all met for an early dinner and literally sat there for about 2 and half hours talking about everything!  We all instantly clicked; she is so such a sweetheart and is just as fierce in person!

Sunday Ashley and I went to the “The Love Affair Fashion Show and Mixer” hosted by Ms. LaShannon Petit owner of Styling Purpose. The fashions from Kreative Kreations and Voluptuous You were awesome.  The model styling was on point; I loved all the bold colors and prints.  LaShannon is definitely doing her thing and following her dream!  Sorry guys no pics; I was sitting too far back to get any good shots. 

Of course I ended my weekend with the Grammys and Walking Dead.  We all know that Whitney Houston passed this weekend, Ashley was the one that actually called and informed me.  Whitney was a staple in my house growing up, my mother was obsessed with her music.  I know every Whitney Houston song ever made!  We would have impromptu talent shows and sing all of her songs on our karaoke machine and no I can’t sing a lick! She is gone but her music shall live on forever, I pray that she will now have peace and everlasting life in the kingdom of heaven. 

Whitney has too many songs to pick a favorite song but I can belt out this ballad like nobody’s business!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Inspiration Recreation

Today's title says it all; this outfit was inspired by the lovely Amber Rose.  I would have never in a million years thought to recreate any outfit Amber Rose had worn.  Well let me say this, since she has been dating Wiz Kalifia I have noticed she has become more demure as it relates to her outfits.  I guess when you are treated like a lady you carry yourself as one too.  Either way I am digging the more covered up Amber and I love some of the stuff I have seen her in.

When I saw this outfit on one of the many gossip blogs I read I immediately pinned it.  The entire look from head to toe is my style, classic chic!   I wasted no time looking for the perfect skirt and bodysuit.  I found the skirt via Etsy and the bodysuit came from MJR Sales which sells discounted famous fashions such as The Limited, Victoria Secrets, and Chadwick’s.  This particular bodysuit is from Victoria Secrets.  The shoes are from Bakers which I already owned and the belt came with a dress I already own.

So let's tally up the cost to recreate my inspiration look:

Skirt - $20.50 including shipping
Bodysuit - $10.55 including shipping
Pumps - $42.40
Belt - $0.00

Total - $73.45

Not bad at all.  I love the challenge of recreating an outfit for a fraction of the cost.  It is almost like a sport, well not really but it could be!

If you are an avid thriftier you should check out Etsy it's a great place to find vintage and handmade items.  It took me about an hour to find this skirt, only be because I wanted one with pockets and something that wasn't 100% wool.  MJR sales is another great site, I have purchased from them twice.  They sell a lot of Victoria Secret clothing, the items are new with defects or new without defects.  They do state what the defects are in the clothing descriptions i.e. snags or markings.  They also cut the tags so you can’t return the items to the original vendor.  

So what do you think about my inspiration outfit?  

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Grey and Gloomy


*Blazer - Express/Thrifted * Tank - Love Culture * Slacks - Baladino * Necklace - Forever 21 * 
* Earrings - Forever 21 * Bracelets - JcPenney & H&M * Pumps - Steve Madden *

Another rainy day in Miami, this gloomy weather does not make for good outfit pictures, so excuse the darkness of my pictures.  I really wanted to wear something colorful today but I will save it for a nicer day.

Is it just me or did January fly by; let’s see Valentine’s Day is coming up and a three day weekend (President’s Day).  February also means my shopping budget starts over.  I have restricted myself to a monthly shopping budget of $100; I actually came in at $94 for the month of January!  I am also working on becoming a better shopper i.e. trying on everything before I leave the store, returning items I don’t want promptly, purchasing items I can easily work into my wardrobe, and not making impulse buys because something is on sale.  I am SO guilty of buying stuff just because it is on sale.  Let’s see how well I do for the month of February.

To stay on track I will continue to remix my current clothes, even when I go out.  For me this means actually thinking about what I want to wear a couple days prior.  If not I will surely run out and buy something just because, lol.  I am only purchasing items unique to my closet, no more repeats!  I also need to rotate my shoes more, I take the time to put together my outfits but I am so lazy when it comes to picking out my shoes. 

All those goals are obtainable! Is anyone else working on their shopping habit?