Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Vacation Wear: Chevron Maxi Dress

| Dress - Oldnavy | Purse - Rebecca Minkoff |

When I spotted this dress on I was almost sure I would love it but I was nervous about the chevron strips.  After a very disappointing experience with this dress (Hey Tanasha!) from Alloy I wasn't ready to accept failure again. However, I was very pleased by how flattering this dress is.  The darker background and the different sized stripes work better on my frame. I don't want my already wide hips to appear wider then they are. 

Like always, when I order a maxi dress from Oldnavy I purchase a medium/tall.  I do not like for my ankles to be exposed when I wear maxi dresses.  I need the extra length so the dress flows nicely when I walk, lol.  

No worries about shrinkage, I washed this dress twice and dried it with high heat and haven't had any issues. 

So what do guys think, is this dress a winner?

Monday, April 13, 2015

Vacation Wear: Floral Kimono

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how to wear a floral kimono

how to wear a floral kimono

how to wear a floral kimono
 | Kimono - F21 (similar) | Jeans - Levi's | Purse - Rebecca Minkoff
| Sandals - Payless (similar) |

I am back home from a week long vacation in North Carolina.  I love going to visit my brother and his family, they are a very active bunch.  My brother has been blessed with three little girls and they all want equal attention, lol.  Their personalities are all so different, Gabbie (8 years old) is into dance and stays glued to her iPod or Kindle.  Brooklynn (3 years old) is the most like my brother and loves to flip (literally) this little girl who's almost four has a mean front flip and tells the most animated stories.  Journee (2 years old) is my little chunky boo-boo, she's plays no games and didn't warm up to me until day three of me being home, lol. I did get her to eat avocado and spinach with me but I paid for that later!

Because NC is still in that awkward winter/spring phase I was unsure of what to pack. I kept it simple and packed pieces that I could easily layer, in case it got too cold for me. I purchased this kimono last year and only wore the damn thing one time because it seemed a little too dramatic.  I am glad I dug it out of my giveaway bag and gave it another go. I also decided to give my high waist Levi's another go as well.  When I wore them last year they were a little too tight. I've since lost a little weight and now there too big in the waist. I love the rinse so I'll probably have them taken in so they hug my body perfectly.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

My Photographer: Meet Jeanee (Juh-knee)

Just a little while ago I was ready to give up blogging, my normal photographer was not available anymore and I couldn't afford the rates I was being quoted.  However my friend Jeanee saved me and my blog by volunteering to take my pics.  Since then we've worked together almost every Sunday.  However, this Sunday Jeanee was in front of the camera and I was taking the pictures.

 | Jacket - Oldnavy | Dress - Target | Wedges - Target | Belt - H&M | Clutch - Aldo |

Jeanee loves the color black, she wears it every day! No seriously, every day. I take that back, she does wear gray and other dark neutrals but mostly black.  When she picked up this dress at Target last Saturday I was shocked! I think the fit and flare style is what won her over, which is her favorite.  I was just happy to see her wear something colorful that came above her knees, lol.  She also purchased a pair of wedges that I had picked out for her earlier in the week and a really cute jumpsuit.  

It was Jeanee's idea to add her denim jacket, belt (isn't it fabulous) and clutch. This outfit came together nicely and I loved seeing my friend wear something colorful and cute.

Make sure you follow Jeanee on IG, she posts the best photos.  She is also a fantastic graphic designer (she designed my blog layout), not sure if she's doing freelance work but it doesn't hurt to ask.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Hot Pink Midi Skirt? (Sure, Why Not!)

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| T-Shirt - The Limited (similar) (crop sweater version) | Skirt - Express (other colors) | 
| Sandals - Just Fab (similar) | Purse - Target | | Necklace - F21 | Sunnies - Oldnavy |

Stripes, check!  Black and white, check!  Full midi skirt, check!  Three of my favorites in one outfit.  This pink skirt is big, bright and over the top, I love it.  I originally purchased the striped version but ended up exchanging it with no regrets. This pink version is the better styling option for me.  Of course I've already created several outfits in my head.  This skirt would look great with a crop top for weekend wear or with a belted boat neck t-shirt for a vintage look.  Clearly I am already excited about styling this gem again!

I wish I would have chosen better accessories, this Lucite necklace seemed to take over my neck, I kinda look like Wilma Flinstone, lol.

P.S. these shoes are cute but the heel is so high! No more 5-inch heels for me, not matter how cute they are.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Weekend Wear: Infinite Pleats

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| Dress - Victoria Secrets | Purse - Just Fab | Necklace - HM | Bracelets - Various |

I had an amazing Sunday brunch with my Virgo sister Jeanee this past weekend.  I don't know about anyone else but brunch with my friends is the perfect opportunity to be extra stylish.  I always feel so fancy and grown up sipping on an almond milk lattes or having endless mimosas.  We usually sit for hours talking about any and everything for hours which includes: lots of laughing, posting pictures of our food on Instagram and taking selfies.  Typical girly stuff that occurs when you are with your friends. 

If you would have told me five years ago I would have anything resembling a social life I would have called you a liar.  I moved to Miami not knowing anyone except my husband and in-laws.  After my divorce I turned into a hermit, totally withdrawn, which is easy for me since as introvert I love my own company.  It took me starting a blog to finally meet other women with the same interests as me.  Just one more reason why I love blogging so much, I’ve befriend some great women: 
Ashley S.

Check them out when you get a chance I promise you won't be disappointed.