Weekend Wear: Denim and Sequins

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

 | Jacket - Oldnavy | T-shirt - Oldnavy | Skirt - Target (similar, similar) | Clutch - Target | 
| Sandals - Betsey Johnson (similar) |

I can't even contain my excitement about this skirt! I am telling you guys I passed this skirt three different times on various trips to Target.  Each time I would stop look at the skirt and walk away.  I finally decided that it should come home with me when I saw that it was all by it's lonesome in the clearance section.  For less than $25 I finally got my hands on a beautiful sequin pencil skirt. I tried my best to find this beauty on Target.com for you guys but it's sold out, I guess the few that were at my store were online returns.  

I wore this outfit to the Cocktails and Curlfriends event hosted by: Hey Girlfriend and Love Child Essentials.  I had a fantastic time catching up everyone while sipping on wine (a little too much) and painting wine glasses. It's been a while since I've been out with the ladies so I figured I should glam it up a little bit.  I definitely felt beautiful and can't wait to wear this beauty again.

Weekend Wear: High-Waist Jeans

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

 | T shirt - Express | Jeans c/o Zappos | Pumps c/o Zappos | Purse - Target |

Look who's back! These past two weeks I have been up to my eyes balls in journal articles, textbooks, term papers and exams but I am done...for now anyway.  It feels like I haven't done this in forever, I missed you guys.  I might have been taking a break from blogging but the shopping certainly didn't stop.  To mark my come back I teamed up with Zappos to show you guys a trend that has been on my radar.

High waist jeans have been every where especially the destroyed skinny jeans. I figured that trend really wasn't my style and I would pass.  However, I came across these Levis on Zappos and thought I would give them a try.  As you can see these jeans fit like a glove! The stretch is amazing and there is minimal gaping at the waist.  I just wished I would have got a shorter length, but that's not a problem.

The leopard pumps add a little pizazz to a simple jeans and t-shirt outfit.  A great pair of shoes can dress up anything right? I have been searching for the perfect leopard shoe forever! I'll will have to be strategic about wearing these to work but I think I can pull it off, lol.  

Black and Blue

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

| Blazer - Target | Tank - Oldnavy | Pants - Zara | Shoes - Boutique 9
| Purse - Foley & Corinna |

It's no secret that I love blazers and I always reach for one when I have nothing else to wear.  Of course you can never go wrong with basic black pants they save the day every time.  The addition of a beautiful purse and shoes and you have a complete outfit.  

I personally don't care for women in suits (pant suit/skirt suit) but these separates came together perfectly for a polished looked.  My shoes were the real star of the show even if they were killing my ankles! Beauty is pain right?  Maybe I just need a little more practice walking in them.

Oh and I take back that statement about women wearing suits, Kerry Washington "werks" a suit in almost every episode of Scandal.  


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

| T Shirt - Target | Skirt - F21 | Necklace - Wrist Soiree | Sandals - Deb Shops |

Whimsical is the perfect way to describe this skirt.  I absolutely love it!  Yesterday was the perfect breezy day to bring out this lovely lady for a twirl.  I do believe my summer wardrobe will go something like this if I can find more midi skirts. T-shirts are also super easy to dress up and down over and over.  I picked up this particular one at Target this weekend when I was browsing the Peter Pilotto for Target collection.  I didn't see anything I liked but of course I couldn't leave empty handed, Target gets me every time!

I want to take a minute to say thank you to all of you that read my little ole blog.  Lately, I haven't been consistent but I am not giving up.  I try to squeeze in blogging when I can, just know you guys are not forgotten.  I am at the half way point in the semester so if I disappear it's because I have two term papers and two finals I am working on.  I just wanted you guys to know I sincerely appreciate all of you!

In The Navy

Friday, February 7, 2014

| Dress - Oldnavy | Sandals - DeShops | Purse - LV Speedy 35 |

This is my second wrap dress from Old Navy which is so beautiful!  I was so excited to show you guys how great the first dress was but I only wore it once because it shrunk like crazy when I washed it *side eye*.  

I decided to give Old Navy another chance and purchase this lovely lady right after Christmas.  This time I sized up to compensate for the shrinkage.  This time I followed the care instructions to the letter, which stated to wash and dry the dress flat.  After all that the dress fit great when I finally decided to wear it to work.  However, the material stretched out like crazy throughout the day! I had a saggy booty all day at work, lol.  I was ready to toss this dress too but I washed it again and threw it in the dryer this time, which seem to do the trick.  

I am to the point where I am going to stop buying clothes from Old Navy with the exception of their workout clothes.  Their sizing is inconsistent all the time. I can never get it right with them, either I am sizing up to get a good fit but then the clothes stretch out like crazy.  I buy maxi dresses that become midi dresses when I wash them!  I hate to waste money, they need to do better seriously.

Has any one else had this experience with Old Navy clothing?  Has anyone ever returned clothing to a store after it's worn due to poor quality?