Friday, May 29, 2015

Girl Talk: Female Friends (In Real Life)

I’ve been blogging for about five years and honestly it has been one of the best things that I could have done for myself. Not only has it allowed me to become acquainted with other like-minded women but it also has provided several great opportunities for me.

In addition, being involved with social media and blogging has allowed me to open up more and step outside of my typical socially awkward introvert box. I’ve never really done well with social interaction and it’s always a struggle for me when I meet new people in person. However, online none of that matters because I can interact with who I want, whenever I want, and be the social butterfly that I know I am deep down inside.

Regardless of how easy it is to meet friends online it will never take the place of having a great tribe of real-life girlfriends you can interact with. Don’t get me wrong I’m not sitting at home crying over my lack of female friends. Of course it would be great to have a group of ladies I could take vacations with or just get together and do things we ladies like to do. That would be a wonderful reality but I find that as I’ve gotten older its so much harder to meet and become friends with women.
Could it be that social media interaction has taken the place of face-to-face interaction? Everyone seems to be fake busy, text messages have taken the place of phone calls and you check up on your friends and family by checking their timeline. I sometimes feel like people are only willing to open their lives to others when they can benefit from it.

Why is it so hard for me to find my Joan Clayton, Toni Childs, Lynn Cersei and Mya Wilkes that I can call upon every once in awhile? I know I can’t be the only one that finds it hard to make female friends.

I may not have any BFFs in Miami but I do have great women that I have met through blogging. You guys already know about Jeanee, she’s my Virgo, vegetarian, big booty sister, lol. She’s always down to hang out, hit the gym, take blog pictures, or just sit by the pool. I am grateful for her along with my other blogging friends, Ashley and Kerrisa.

Is befriending females a struggle for you or have you always been able to make connections and hit it off with new people without issue? Leave me a comment letting me know!


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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Soft Pants & Peplum (Why I'm Extra Modest at Work)

| Peplum - F21 | Pants - F21 | Pumps - Call It Spring | Purse - c/o Hayden Harnett |

A reader mention on my Facebook page last week that I rarely post outfits with pants, which is true.  My outfits are an honest account of what I wear to work and I prefer skirts/dresses at work. I don't like drawing unnecessary attention to my body so I stay away from pants at the office.  I was even leery about wearing these soft pants because I felt like too much of my booty was exposed. I am probably being overly cautious but I try not to draw any unnecessary attention to my body.

I sometimes feel like curvy women have to work harder to seem like their not trying to be overly sexy, does that make sense? Maybe it's just me but that's just how I feel about my work outfits.  You guys let me know your thoughts. I have full hips and big booty but it doesn't mean I'm always trying to show them off. Nor does it mean that I want every man that I pass to comment on it or say something off color.  So to avoid all the extra attention I rarely wear pants at work. 

Anyone else feel like you have to try extra-hard at being modest at work because of your body?

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Pink + Blue

| Shirt - The Limited | Skirt - Express | Shoes - Betsy Johnson |  
| Purse - c/o Hayden Harnett | Belt - Ann Taylor |

This outfit is a welcome change from my normal black and white uniform.  I love my neutrals but it's always good to mix it up with bold colors every once in a while.  I also feel like I've been in a serious skirt/blazer and dress/blazer phase that needs to end for a little while.  It's easy for me to put together that combination when I am feeling lazy and don't want to put any thought into what I am going to wear.   

This skirt is an amazing statement piece but it's probably overkill for work but I always feel amazing when I wear it. I usually try to keep everything else simple when I wear it because its draws so much attention on its own.  This time I paired it with a v-neck t-shirt worn backwards and a waist belt.  I wanted this outfit to appear as if I was wearing a dress and not two separate pieces, I think I pulled it off nicely.

Another color-blocking outfit put together nicely!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Printed Maxi Skirt or Midi Dress?

| Blazer - HM | Maxi Skirt - Ross | Sandals - Sam Edelman | Purse - Rebecca Minkoff |

Maxi skirt or midi dress? Both.  I love to re-style my longer skirts as dresses.  I found this skirt last year at Ross but I haven't really wore it enough.  The flow of this skirt is amazing and makes me feel so girly every time I wear it.  

Quick style tip! I love strappy sandals but I have wide feet, which makes wearing strappy sandals challenging, especially straps that go across the top/middle of my foot.  Sizing up doesn't help because I don't like my feet sliding around in the foot bed of my shoes.  Of course I am not one to be defeated I decided to have a shoe maker shop extend the middle strap on these sandals and they turned out perfectly! I didn't mind paying the extra money since I found these beauties on Amazon for $40. Shoes are just like clothes; sometimes they need to be altered.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Not So Lost Outfit Files

 | Dress - F21 | Belt - Thrifted | Purse - c/o Hayden-Harnett |

 | Peplum - F21 | Skirt - Target | Sandals - Nine West | Purse - c/o Hayden-Harnett |

  | Blazer - HM | Bodysuit - F21 | Skirt - Charter Club | Pumps - BCBG | Purse - Just Fab |

| Dress - NY & Co. | Shoes - Ralph Lauren | Purse - The Limited |

Just a few outfits I never posted from several weeks ago.  Enjoy!