Work Wear: Dressing Modestly

Friday, July 25, 2014

This subject has been heavy on my mind for quite some time.  As you know my blog is mostly about my everyday work style.  For those of you that don't know I am a property manager and I attend graduate school as well.  The dress code in my office is business casual but I prefer to dress more business than casual.  I love dressing in lady like outfits and silhouettes; dresses and skirts make me feel pretty and their easy to style.  Honestly, if you work in an office environment your work attire is probably pretty different from you everyday style. Just so happens I am all for dressing up and being extra fancy all the time.

Now that we are all caught up let me say in no way do I consider myself to be a modest blogger or the modesty police.  People can wear whatever they want.  However, I have noticed that modesty at work has become something of the past.  Gone are the days of women wearing proper undergarments, knee-length skirts, polished suits, and structured blazers.  I am probably biased because in most cases I am always overdressed! Regardless of my personal preference I just can't get over women wearing skirts so tight that you can see their thong prints or rocking six inch platforms to the office.  When did it become okay to wear thigh high skirts to the office?  Do I sound like a prude? I probably do but hear me out.  

In a professional environment appearance is everything.  Before you speak a word out of your mouth your subordinates, peers and superiors visually judge you.  As a young woman, that's built like a brick house I am always assessing myself to make sure my appearance is on point.  I want to be known for my abilities and skills and not as the girl that wears the short skirts with the outta control booty.  With all the other issues women have in the workplace, appropriate dressing can easily be remedy and shouldn't be something that holds you back.  

Here are a few head to toe guidelines for ensuring your work wear is appropriate and modest:

1. Stay away from plunging and deep necklines.  Layer a tank top or cami underneath a shirt or dress if it's low cut.

2.  Avoid sheer and tight shirts which maybe too revealing and show your bra.

3.  Say no to spaghetti straps and make sure your back is not exposed, save these items for the weekend. 

4.  Make sure your shirts/cardigans button up properly and do not pull across your bust.  Also, avoid showing cleavage by buttoning your top appropriately.

5.  Wear skirts that are fitted but not tight and wear the proper undergarments to ensure your not revealing panty lines. I still wear slips when I feel a skirt or dress is too thin or I just want extra coverage.  I also have lightweight shapers to smooth me out when needed.

6.  Keep hemlines a little longer than arms lengths.  I try to keep my skirts and dresses at knee-length, I need the extra length because of my big booty. 

7.  Absolutely no shorts.  Make sure your jeans aren't too tight.  I will admit I break this rule by wearing skinny jeans to work.  However, jean trousers would be a better option.  Absolutely no ripped or destroyed jeans.  Stay away from printed and colored denim.

8. Pants should fit but not be tight.  Curvy ladies pay attention to how your pants fit across the thighs make sure they aren't too tight and don't bunch.  Also, do a butt check, make sure your not showing off too much of the goods.

9. Try to keep your heels at least 4 inches or below.  Stay away from over the top platforms.  No flip flops and make sure sandals have a strap on the back. 

10.  Lastly,  casual Friday is not for weekend wear.  Keep it cute, try pairing a tank top, denim jacket with your favorite midi skirt and cute sandals. 

Dressing modestly for work doesn't have to be boring, have fun with patterns and colors.  Also, dress up your outfits with accessories such as a fashionable purses, scarves and belts.

I am excited to do more of these Work Wear posts to pass on some of my experiences.  Trust me I've made my fair share of my first job in NYC I thought a skort and slides were okay to wear at a Manhattan office, lol.  I almost gagged when my supervisor called me out! I learned my lesson quickly.  Let me know if you enjoyed this post and if you have any questions about office outfits or anything work related in general, I'm happy to help.   

Weekend Wear: Printed Maxi Skirt

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

| Crop Top - F21 | Skirt - Ross | Purse - ASOS | Sandals - Target |

I have been looking for a long flowing (affordable) maxi skirt for what seems like forever.  Low and behold I randomly find this beauty at Ross about two weeks ago for $12! Of course I was super geeked and it was love a first sight.  However, upon getting home and trying the skirt on I realized this skirt was a whole lot.  Meaning lots of material, very dramatic and very long and flowing.  For about two minutes I thought about returning it but I figured I'm always team overdressed anyway so the dramatic effect of this skirt is perfect.  The material is light and airy which is perfect for summer.  After seeing Inez style this beautiful maxi skirt last week I was completely inspired to wear mines this weekend for brunch with Jeanee.   

Also, I am the new fashion contributor for Longing 4 Length, which is ran by my blogging boo Ebony.  I have always admired Ebony's work ethic and blog hustle and was completely flattered when she asked me to collaborate and contribute to her blog.  My first post is live and I am dropping some gems on how to style maxi dresses for every occasion.

Weekend Wear: Skater Skirt

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

| Shirt - Old Navy | Skirt - H&M | Sandals - Target | Bag - Just Fab |

I am always apprehensive about showing a lot of leg.  This wasn't always the case but as I've gotten older it's just something that I am consistently aware of when I am buy clothes and putting together outfits.  I guess I didn't realize that I had become very predictable and calculated in the way I dressed.  So I decided to step way outside my comfort zone and buy this skirt and a few other goodies you guys will see later if I am ever brave enough to wear them in public.  This skirt really isn't that short but when you are pear-shaped short skirts can be too much of a hassle.  Of course I couldn't venture too far away from my lady-like style which is why I decided to wear a button up shirt, which I felt balanced out the entire look.  

This skirt is still available online and is a great inexpensive trendy item that has endless styling options which could easily transition into fall because the material is thick.  A pair of cute tights and boots could make this skirt work well in to the fall and early winter. For reference I am wearing a medium which was a little loose in waist but I didn't want to size down because I liked the length of the medium.

For Curvy Girls Shopping at H&M

Friday, June 27, 2014

| Dress - H&M | Shoes - BCBG | Purse - TJ Maxx |

I have come to rely on certain stores for no-brainier work clothes and H&M is one of those stores.  H&M is known for having structured blazers, beautiful dresses, whimsical skirts and sassy accessories.  Their prices are affordable and I find the clothing to be well made.  All of these things have lead me to purchase several clothing items from H&M over the years.  However, not with out trial and error. 

Sizing at H&M is European plan and simple, which causes me to size up on anything fitted.   I usually stay away from their pants unless they have generous stretch.  I love their selection of skirts, dresses and blazers which is what I usually end up bringing home.  I find that I have to remove the linings from their fitted dresses because they are always too tight and bunch up underneath. Their fitted skirts don't work for me, unless I am planning to wear them after work or on weekends. I really feel like their sizing is over the place but I don't let that discourage me from looking for fabulous clothes.

I use to be that girl that would talk myself out of trying a store because I thought I couldn't fit the clothing.  Of course this was completely made up on my mind and I was selling myself short.  Being that I am pear shaped it's sometimes hard to find work clothing that fits over my hips and doesn't show off too much of my body.  However, it's not impossible and you just never know unless you try.  Now I just just need to tackle, J Crew and Banana Republic to see if they have anything that work with these curves.

What stores are on your do not enter list because of sizing? 

Weekend Wear: Neon Squared

Monday, June 23, 2014

| Dress - Express | Purse - Target | Sandals - Macy's |

Wearing bright and bold colors is not something that I do often.  My co-worker commented to me last week that I wear too much black and white.  Of course I all but told him to shut up, lol.  So I figured for the first day of summer I would pull out the brightest piece of clothing I own.  I even went a little further and added my hot pink cross-body purse for a double whammy. 

This is my second time posting about this dress, you can see my original post here (I was so tan).  Next time I wear this dress I need to dress it up, maybe throw on a bright white blazer, belt and a cute pair of heeled sandals for brunch or something.